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Season's Greetings!

Good Afternoon Everybody, 
The team at Salon Contemporary wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and Happy New Year! It’s been an exciting year and with the launch of Debut Contemporary, 2011 is looking more exciting than ever. Please check our new website www.debutcontemporary.com which was launched a couple of days ago and will be completed with the selected artists and online shop in the run up to the February launch. Pass on the information to any ambitious and talented artists you may know and urge them to apply for a mentoring scheme place asap as we are already half way through the full occupancy.

As I am sure you all know, this month's exhibition in Salon Contemporary consists of four female artists.
Therefore we've been feeling the girl power to get us through this icy-cold month, eagerly awaiting for christmas to arrive so that we can get warm and cosy with our loved ones over a giant turkey!  

It's not often that female artist's get the recognition that they deserve, so to showcase four talents at once raises the bar even higher and awareness of raw talent amongst women.
So here at Salon Contemporary, it could be partly due to the weather conditions (:S) or just simply because we have 'girl-fever' going on, but we're obsessed with this four-piece, girl band called WARPAINT.

Described by the BBC as the sound of 2011 and by matching the moods inside the gallery and the temperature outside, Warpaint is an experimental art rock group from Los Angeles, who formed in 2004 on Valentine's Day. 

 The band played in the LA area for three years, gaining fans and writing songs such as "Stars", "Beetles", and "Elephants", which would eventually comprise their debut EP, Exquisite Corpse. Take a listen to it.

We loved all of their songs but we wanted to play you a favorite of ours called 'Undertow'. 

The album might be slightly meloncholic but the soft melodies and gentle build up leave us wanting to hear more.