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Salon Contemporary is a vibrant hot-bed and network for new talent, carefully selected by director Samir Ceric from the UK's leading art schools, offering an array of original works that explode onto the art market with refreshing vivacity. Keep up to date with this blog for news on current competitions, future exhibitions and all the exciting projects the Salon staff have been up to!

Alyona Larionova - Our Sixth Artist of the Week!

We're continuing to get a fantastic response for AoW and the standard of work keeps getting better!  This weeks winner is Alyona Larionova, a talented video and installation artist.  Larionova combines objects and processes that are recognizable in our daily experiences in order to comment on the relations between stillness and movement, duration and immobility. These intimate and softly presented narratives are made by the artist to test the limits of the mediums she works with.   Her recent works are inspired by Chinese tradition of Chinese calligraphy with water, where the process of writing becomes more important than the writing itself.  Check out her videos at  

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYjnYwUB0QY  'Untitled'
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59lPkEb3iWc 'Please Find Enclosed' Installation

'Untitled' Film Still

Octobers First Wednesday

DON'T miss Octobers First Wednesday 6th !
Enjoy a smorgasbord of art, fashion, music, film, food and drink in a variety of quirky venues dotted around Notting Hill.  This October sees a number of creative surprises not to be forgotten.

Come and see us in the gallery space to get your hands on one of our October flyers to receive a free cocktail!  You wont be disappointed.

Dragana Jurisic - Our fifth Artist of the Week!

Salon Contemporary are pleased to announce its fifth AoW winner. Internationally acclaimed artist Dragana Jurisic communicates powerful issues and meanings through her bold yet beautiful use of photography and text.  Jurisic succeeds in raising awareness of current fragile issues as well as creating a nostalgia within the personal  choices of scenes and imagery she chooses to photograph.  Her work has an other-worldly quality, full of atmosphere and emotion, yet it focuses on the real.

...Sometimes the artist and viewer are tricked by beauty.

For more of an insight to Jurisics' work visit her website www.draganajurisic.com

Condolences for Jessie Gunhammar

Jessie Gunhammer, photographed at Salon Contemporary
Salon Contemporary are very sorry to announce the passing of Jessie Gunhammar on the 6th of September this year. Jessie, the identical twin sister of Jennie Gunhammer was captured poignantly along with Stan in the artists book of photographic work and writings entitled ‘Somewhere I Have Never Traveled, Gladly Beyond’ published in 2009, noting the lives and experiences of living with Chronic illness. We send our condolences to her relations and are saddened by such a terrible loss but are more determined than ever to continue raising awareness of the Lupus illness (which annually costs more lives than leukaemia) which cost the both sisters their lives by promoting the book and representing the both talented artists.

Exclusive video interview with Jacky Tsai

Next Monday Jacky Tsai is popping in to Salon Contemporary to catch up in preparation for his exciting debut at the gallery this October so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to find out his thoughts and what he’s been up to. Look out for this Tsai exclusive coming soon to Salon TV. In the meantime you can see his profile on our website and if you have any burning questions you’d like to ask him email them in and we might put them to him.

Our Summer Show 2010 is a sizzling success

We opened this years Salon Contemporary Summer Show tonight, after months of scouting the hot new graduate artists at degree shows across the capital. Gallery Director, Samir Ceric and the Salon Contemporary team have managed to find amazing young artists which our opening preview audience were quick to commend. The exhibition will show throughout August and September and we recommend you pop in the gallery to see the talent in it’s early stages.

Images of the preview are available on our website: www.saloncontemporary.com

Salon Contemporary in talks with Harvey Nic’s

Salon Contemporary meets with a concessions space in Harvey Nichols to discuss providing art content for their December 2010 launch in a similar fashion as previously produced for Wolf & Badger at Selfridges to huge success. Watch this space.

October is THE art month and we’re visiting Munich

Salon Contemporary will be collaborating with a number of German curators for a group show taking place in Munich in October 2010. Exhibitors will include our very own Seren Jones, Dorothy Yoon and Sarah Maple, for what is set to be.