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Salon Contemporary is a vibrant hot-bed and network for new talent, carefully selected by director Samir Ceric from the UK's leading art schools, offering an array of original works that explode onto the art market with refreshing vivacity. Keep up to date with this blog for news on current competitions, future exhibitions and all the exciting projects the Salon staff have been up to!

The March Performance Group

The March Performance Group - First Wednesdays

Known for their provocative site-sensitive performance projects, this lively performance group managed to playfully animate the creative environments and audience of West London’s First Wednesdays!

They are indeed set to bring more inventive mayhem with...

 FEBRUARY 14 @ 7:30 PM
The basement of Le Regal, (5 minute walk Farringdon Tube)

Whether you're in love with yourself or with another, make this Valentine’s day special  featuring live music by special guest artists performance by march performance group and exquisite French cuisine .


1. 3 Course Dinner, Champagne, Wine, and Premiere Performance Seating (50  pounds + VAT per person)

2. Light Nibbles, Champagne, and Performance (25 pounds +VAT per person)

Reservations and pre-booking required as seating is very limited for this intimate event.

*For booking please contact : katemarch14@gmail.com

For more information about the March Performance Group please visit: http://marchperformancegroup.blogspot.com/


Caught on camera by Kalam Ali last wednesday - the Salon team enjoying some First Wednesdays still life drawing in the gallery! Totally natural, humm...!!

Happy 2011 Everybody

So here we are in 2011, after the hype of christmas and new years has ended, reality has finally kicked in again, leaving us feeling prosperous as ever and ready to see how long we can keep our resolutions going. Optimistic and thrilled for the new year to unwind into something spectacular, what with all the excitement going on in the gallery with superb new artists on board and new projects steady underway.  Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for what Salon Contemporary has awaiting in store. 
To jump-start the new year off in good spirit and (naturally) in good style, we're adoring Andreia Chaves new concept shoes. 

'The amazing footwear concepts of Andreia Chaves are at once artistic and mathematic.  While studying form, texture and visual effects in Florence, Italy, Chaves created a range of wildly geometric shoes from unconventional materials.  The “Invisible Shoe”, above, is an asymmetrically mirrored low-cut boot, reflecting its surroundings and making the color of the world a part of your wardrobe.  The rest of Andreia Chaves’ work is just as interesting, a collection of footwear concepts truly on the cutting edge of fashion.  We’re excited for future concepts from Ms. Chaves, as well as the prospect of seeing her current work take form in the fashion marketplace.' 
Watch this step..

Thanks for your "likes", we'd love to hear any feedback from you that you may have and stay tuned for more fun and design coming soon at Salon Contemporary's Blogspot.