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The Salon Team begin curating for Seren Jones' debut exhibition!

The Salon Contemporary team began curating yesterday for the current exhibition of artist Seren Jones.  The talented painter delivered her stunning selection of contemporary portraits to the gallery over the weekend. 
Surrounded by a mixture of delicate oil paintings and detailed pencil drawings in many shapes and sizes,  we couldnt wait to start curating! 

Athena Anastasiou hangs a selection of small portraits.

Sophia Victoria and Athena Anastasiou measure up.

Sanghee Kim carefully adjusts one of Jones' beautiful pieces.

Carla Nizzola plays with the height.

What a show it is going to be.  Each female portrait promises an individual personality: powerful, smug, vulnerable, uncomfortable, calm, modest and honest. 
The exhibition will portray a true insight to the artists core inspiration and passion.

The private view will launch the exhibition THIS WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 3rd: 6-9pm at Salon Contemporary, and will run in conjunction with West London's cultural fix, First Wednesdays.

Don't miss out!