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Salon Contemporary is a vibrant hot-bed and network for new talent, carefully selected by director Samir Ceric from the UK's leading art schools, offering an array of original works that explode onto the art market with refreshing vivacity. Keep up to date with this blog for news on current competitions, future exhibitions and all the exciting projects the Salon staff have been up to!

Don't miss Seren Jones at Salon Contemporary this November!

First Wednesday's was yet again a hit on the 6th of October when Jacky Tsai blew us away with his subtle balance between eastern traditional paintings and western modern art.  His intricate silk satin prints and flowered skulls will be boldly contrasted with our next First Wednesday's wonder...Seren Jones.

On the 3rd of November, we are proud to present you with Seren Jone's Exclusive debut solo show!  Seren is a recent Fine art graduate from Central St Martins and is loved for her female classical portraits that will hold your gaze with much strength and mystery.  These ladies all have their own stories to tell and draw you in to their strange and captivating virtues.  This exhibition is a must see!  If you want to explore Seren's work further, check out her interview with Sophia Victoria (Assistant to Gallery Director) on:  http://www.youtube.com/ArtistInterviewed.

Watch this space!
Seren Jones
'Probably Mrs Clement Edmoundes (a young Elizabeth) '

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